Thursday, April 15, 2004

wrong turn? 

i received this wtf voicemail yesterday afternoon. i laughed easily for 10min, listening to it over & over some 8 times.

'you can hang-up this f*cking phone if you want to. don't call my house, molique will not be here anyway. so there is really no need for you to call back. 'cos that's the only person you care about. he's gonna be gone for a couple months at my cousin's. i let her keep him for 2 months. so there's no need for you to call back, ok. thank you. you have a good day.

go f*ck the other bitch that you've been f*cking. since that's all you think i'm doing is i'm f*cking somebody anyway. go have a good night w/ her.'

best v-mail ever! sorry for another pointless post but i'm trying to keep all 4 of you mildly entertained until i post properly later tonight.

on a completely unrelated topic, happy b-day to the real janelle over at the real janelle. your state is orange, go out & drink some sparks to celebrate!

this just in, rehab has now tossed the virtual salad for wilco fans. 8 shows cancelled on their tour, including coachella. can i get a 'f*cking goddammit!'?

news (via the grizz), brmc splits from record label, virgin. good move i think. hopefully it doesn't impact their summer palooza tour plans, brmc/rapture tour, or coachella. i think they'll have to rough it a little more, until they get picked up. god i hope their 3rd album is not another ode to j&mc.

sorry, this isn't a post to give a band head or anything....
not a bunch of ephing tourists...local faves last tourist have lined-up a solid opening gig for the cosmic rough riders, may 17 at smalls. congrats, you bunch of ephing students!

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