Friday, May 21, 2004

axel who? 

'did i remember to beat my wife before i left the hotel?'last night had so much buzz. wife-beating karma catches up w/ wife-beater jason kidd as the pistons clock the nets in a game 7 domestic violence clinic. wife-beater kidd didn't score a single point the entire game. nice job detroit. no official report to confirm, but kidd supposedly beat the crap out of his wife, jumanji, after the game. i don't see any way around a best of seven series w/ the pacers. as much as i hate reggie miller & the pacers, i'm happy to see rick carlisle having success after getting the biggest WTF?! dismissal last year. duhvs i'm backing the 'stons. wtf is a pacer anyway? the car?

on to the real buzz from last night. velvet revolver. meeting up for pre-show drinks w/ bigmatt & gkvibe at the town pump was smart. at the state, the crowd was very sketchy best. it was like harpos or the ritz in roseville x 1000. so many pairs of black jeans, acid washed ripped jeans, leather clad fake tees, it was sick. it was like the entire crowd stepped out of a time capsule from 1987 just to hit this show. showering after work proved to be a complete waste of time. the vibe douched it up when he bought tix late & got us balcony seats. worst! i tried bribing every security guard i could find, but they were all a bunch of ephing clowns. 'i'll get fired', '$10 ain't worth getting fired', '15 bucks ain't worth getting fired', '$20 ain't worth getting fired'. eph you, it's velvet revolver! after my bribes got manute bol BLOCKED!, gkvibe & i were hanging out in front of the main floor doors, the security guards walked away for a second, & we walked right in. once in, we instinctively split up & met up around the bar. velvet revolver had just started their set, opening w/ 'sucker train blues', a vr song.

mbv's loveless cover or velvet revolver at the state?we worked our way down the left side to the mid tier. moved in toward the middle & settled there for half the set. the 4th song was stp's 'crackerman', how ephing best is that?! they sounded like the best rock band ever. they totally worked the crowd, moving around, getting on top of the marshall stacks. weiland used the megaphone during several songs. he weighs ~120 elerbes, has short hair, & is still crazy. he looks like layne staley pre-corpse. he's gotta be on smack still. after a couple more duff lites, we finished our beers & then they played gnr classic 'it's so easy'. the place went absopurely bananaz! i think every person there sang every word to that song--'i see you standing there...you think you're so cool...why don't you just...f*ck off!' BEST EVER! weiland sounded perfect during the gnr tunes. eph you axel rose! eph you & the 'new' gnr! you're irrelevant. we then walked down onto the mainfloor & worked our way up to the front, about 7 people deep from the front of the stage. the crowd was rowdy & we were smack dab in the epicenter of a 1991 mosh pit. slash was stationed directly in front of us. if he's not the biggest rock star ever, i don't know who is. he smoked more cigs than me there, & was sporting his classic black top-hat. gkvibe got great pics on his cam-phone. my ipod got a bunch too. pics are courtesy of the vibe.

i'm so cool...why did i do that strokes video?it was hot as balls down front, i was covered not only in my own sweat, but that of 40 other people around me. some jag-off even threw a beer on us. apparently they read the whatevs backblog last week & saw that pouring beer on one's self is out, so they threw it on others instead. the encore highlight was stp's 'sex type thing', follwed by MR BROWNSTONE!!!! which blew the roof off the place. after the show, the grizz reportedly said, 'VR makes Audioslave look like N'SYNC!'. duhvs! VR makes the strokes look like franzia ferdinand!

another cool part was when duff blew the crowd by throwing out the 'i love detroit. i met my wife in detroit. detroit f'ing rocks!' banter. detroit has an inferiority complex, so it loves rockstars stroking detroit's egos. the show was done by 10:15 & the vibe & i caught the last couple minutes of the pistons/nets game at the pump. i went home after & burned all the clothes i wore to the show. duhvs.

here is vr's complete set list:
1 Sucker Train Blues
2 Do It for the Kids
3 Headspace
4 Crackerman
5 Illegal I
6 It's So Easy
7 Fall To Pieces
8 Big Machine
9 Set Me Free
10 Used to Love Her
11 Slither
12 Sex Type Thing
13 Mr. Brownstone
14 Negative Creep

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