Thursday, May 06, 2004

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5/06/04 AP Post-No Buzz Poll - The OC 'The Ties That Bind Us'
1) Theresa (73)- We don't like Chino, but who the hell are you to take him away?
2) Josh Schwartz (68)- What the shit kind of season finale was that? And our Schwartz is bigger than yours.
3) Caleb (61)- Off to the San Quentin.
4) Julie Coop (57)- Ready to move out of another mansion?
5) Chino (43)- Going back to your roots eh?

5/06/04 USA Today Post-No Buzz Poll - The OC 'The Ties That Bind Us'
1) Theresa (91)- Abort, Abort, Abort!
2) Chino (75)- Going back to Chino. Chino Chino. Going back to Chi-no one leaves the Cohenbests. It’s not even your kid.
3) Caleb (59)- You’ll make a nice wife for someone.
4) Julie Coop (47)- No Seger played, no buzz. Next up, Walt Disney?
5) Cohen (31)- Running away on a catamaran alone=not such a good idea. Tahiti?
coop, pretty good in comparison
pollsters agree…theresa is the worst. usa today voters liked the downer 'empire strikes back' finale. some say easily the best star wars movie. AP pollsters like the 1st star wars i guess. i thought this was a great ep. next season, anything can happen. julie coop marries bob seger, cohen moves to chino, chino & eddie kill theresa when they find out neither of them are the father, etc. so many possibilities. best show ever.

tv is pretty much done for until next season on fox. the new summer 'the oc wannabe' looks pretty lame. i think it's called 'north shore', or something like that. nice try fox. after next week's one tree hill, it's all over. friends finally dies for good tonight (thank god), tru calling ended last week (season1 that is), the couple last ep's of angel are left. no smg & no dushku on angel=no buzz.

one tree hill should be good--brooke & nicki screw over peyton, what's-his-face screws his brother's wife (& gets caught in the act), nathan finally screws little miss prude (hailey). this week, outside of sea ray's 'revelry' being featured, was lame. hailey totally over-ephing reacting to her boyfriend looking at porn. hello hailey, you're nothing but PG-13, what's he supposed to do?

i don't know for sure, but i think nicki/brooke taped peyton & nathan in the pool a couple weeks back, & are going blackmail/threaten peyton w/ revealing that footage to hailey (after they bang for the 1st time), so that nicki gets her baby back, & brooke gets revenge. who knows, maybe brooke & nicki are evil lesbians who sell baby-jenny for coke on the black market & just party w/ 40's. that would be best.

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