Monday, May 10, 2004

bunch of ephing tourists! 

mucho buzz
sat evening, checked out the long awaited return of my friends' band, the newly named last tourist, or the band formerly known as immerse. consisting of peabs, the gorilla, c friggs, mark julien, & kegzies respectively. there was heavy buzz in the d surrounding their highly anticipated return to the detroit music scene, as well as their upcoming opening slot gig w/ the cosmic rough riders at the smalls on 5/17. it also gives some of us another excuse to go out drinking.

anyway, i arrived to paycheck's lounge at ~10:30pm, had a few ginger ales & mingled among the heavy fow nation in attendance. too many to list out, bovs. i always love paychecks, cos a) it's dump b) it's my kind of dump & c) the band line-up's are always all over the map. the 1st band (i saw) was this terrible yet best heavy cheese metal act, i think they were called 'extreme noise'. for some reason i got really into this band. the grizz & gkvibe did as well. we anchored ourselves to a table toward the front & rocked out to the band of hilarity. they were cheesy, notso good, but we went nuts during their set. they were definitely tee-ball league if you're keeping score at home when compared to the darkness. maybe it was a cruel unintentional joke? is there such a thing? last time there, they were sandwiched between a crappy ska band (is there any other kind?) & a wu-tang clan esque rap group, which was strange, yet best. line-up's don't get more diverse than paychecks. the final band sat night was a rooney type band. no sh sh shaking revealed though.
peabs...always revealed & always talked about
last tourist went on at ~11:30pm'ish. w/ 3 guitarists, there are a shit-load of pedals/gadgets, etc to set-up & all that. i think the sound guy did a decent job, cos everything was working & was load. i've heard he's actually an incompetent douche, but after coachella's back-alley indio abortion sound clinics last week, any sound was worth 2 gold stars. as they were about to start their set, i invited myself on stage to announce the band, & they were already standing on stage. i grabbed the mic, & belted out 'ladies & gentlemen, from detroit michigan, it's last fucking tourist! mmmmmmmmmBESTTTTT!!!'. i jumped off stage & they worked their magic, ripping through fan favorites, as well as some new buzztrax. for not playing together for almost 2 years, they sounded really tight. i took about 40 pics during their set, mostly of them & the celeb presence in the crowd. i'd post pics, but a) i don't own a digicam b) i don't own a pc & c) my ipod has thousands of pics, even complete digi-video footage from the entire show (in my mind). fuck your ipod.

i think they finished at ~12:30am or so. perhaps being the self-absorbed attention whore that i am, i got back on-stage as they finished & grabbed the mic again, saying something like, 'ladies & gentlemen, show them some love & fucking give it up for last fucking tourist! mmmmBEST!!'. sadly, no beers were poured over damore's head the entire night. i have to pick & choose carefully occasions for which to reveal this since i'm paying royalties & all.

that kid is back on the escalator! anyway, after last weekend in cali, i was still behind on sleep, despite sleeping 13 hours fri night. i left at 1am & caught a ride w/ peabs' dad, fos, who was proudly sporting a 'peabs: obvs in 04' tee. sunday was wake-up at 11:30am, watch some horrible tv, shower, discover a simpsons marathon was going from 12pm-6pm, then go out & buy some mother's day gifts for my mom in attempt to avoid receiving the worst son of the week award for the 250th conseq week. yes, i never plan ahead. i'm last minute on everything. making plans is boring. & yes, i'm shallow & a bad son. nice, expensive gifts are how i try to buy the affections of my family. anyway, it was a nice flower arrangement, a hallmark card, & a borders gift card. spent the day at my mom's w/ my bro & twin sis, & obvs, my mom. nice day was had by all.

i should have the final part of my coachella write-up done & posted monday am. i'm sure it will suck, much like most of my vanity pieces.

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