Tuesday, May 18, 2004

do you like, apples? 

ephing studentwhat the hell is wrong w/ chris martin? what a fookin' student! don't ever do anything similar to the darkness. you blow!

those lyrics...
'I'll be there through the thin and the thick / I'm gonna clean up all the poo and the sick'.

sounds like liam gallagher's 'little james', but this is supposed to be a joke. so little buzz going these days that he has to spoof the darkness as the nappies. bunch of ephing tourists!

speaking of which...

last but not lastly, last night's last tourist show at smalls was best. they sounded as tight as i've ever heard them sound. the cosmic rough riders were kind enough to lend them use of their equipment, which sounded totally topps (except for the low vox). the band revealed a new song, which sounded pretty hott. their dark moody brit rock had the crowd going. i've been to probably 30-some shows there the past 18 months, very few acts have drawn much more than last night. mark gardener from ride drew less, the stills last october drew about the same, division of laura lee was similar. cheers.

'can you give us directions to the nearest abortion clinic?'- not last touristsorry i don't have any pics for you, i don't have a digicam or a computer. as always, my ipod caught everything (in my mind). i'm watching the show again, but in rewind as i type this. apologies to the band for the request i yelled out in between songs (soberly i might add):
damore- 'play tru calling!'
band- 'we don't have a song called that'
damore-'whatever. make one up'
'shut the f*ck up damore, your website sucks!'

not that much news out there today...

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