Wednesday, May 26, 2004

the gorilla's no buzz list 5/26/04 

so brilliant i gave it it's own posting. eph everybody else out there, the gorilla was the ONLY one to respond. time to cry myself to sleep again.

stellar 'corpses' linked to gamma-ray bursts=NO BUZZ 1)Chryssa Koveliotou, Robert C Duncan and Christopher’s Feb 2003 article, Magnetars, in Scientific American. I mean seriously, who doesn’t already know that some stars are magnetized so intensely that they emit huge burst of magnetic energy, potentially altering the very nature of the quantum vacuum? WELL DER! The whole thing about their core’s consisting of a quantum soup of quarks and neutrons was all but lifted word for word from the work J. Von Paradijs did with Kouveliotou in the well know A X-ray Pulsar with a Superstrong Magenetic Field in the Soft Gamma-Ray Repeater SGR1806-20, published in Nature WAY BACK IN 1998!!!! No buzz indeed.

2) Chicks that seem slutty but are really just teases. PUT OUT OR GET OUT! NO BUZZ!

3) Don Rumsfeld- claiming in his sworn testimony before congress that Major General Geoffrey Miller’s trip to Iraq in August of 2003 had nothing to do with the subsequent institutionalization of prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib. MY SKINNY WHITE ASS! the rummy bear claw torture Everybody knows Major General Miller was the in charge of deconstructing the Geneva convention while commander of the detention and interrogation center at Guantanamo. EVERYBODY. I mean seriously, the second he got off the plane back in August every hidden intelligence community chat room filled with policy wonks, ex-CIA and experts from Jane’s Defense Weekly all the way to DEBKAfile were like:
SPYGUY: General Miller just got to Iraq!
Gook_Killer1968: there’s gonna be some homo-erotic torture up in this piece now biznitches!
SPYGUY: lol. Damn straight.

Don’t try to pull that bull with us DON, NOBUZZFELD!

4) Dudes who save up all their monster dumps for the shared bathroom at work and just smell the effer up all day. NO BUZZ HEAVY SHITTTERS!

5) Kitties. I mean seriously. I just don’t get em’.

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