Thursday, May 13, 2004

hang the gk 

bestlast night the morrissey release party for 'you are the quarry' at sofa at posh was so ephing best. yeah, the music was good, but that's not why. it was because of the crew. gkvibe, grambo, peabs, dr. em-medicine woman, & damore. we pre-bar'ed at vibe's new pad in royal joak. i kicked things off w/ a sparks (some say the replacement for the word buzz!). shots were done on the 'shot stick', which is a hockey stick (i thinks it's a koho), which has 4 shot glasses attached, so 4 shots get poured & 4 people down a shot at the same time by rotating the shot stick back at the same time. mmmmBEST!

has anyone seen dr. botox?the vibe already buzzing from some botox & ass-cream fashion party he went to w/ 'my brother brennan krengel' in some high end fashion store that i can't even come up w/ a comparison for (think $800 jeans), since most of my wardrobe hails from the lowly jcrew. gkvibe referred to it as a derek zoolander party. upon getting to posh, we went downstairs & ordered drinks. almost immediately the vibe was out on the floor tearing it up dancing w/ the ladies. numerous photos were taken, unfortunately i don't have any to show you, but my ipod captured every event from the evening, the songs, the hilariousness (in my mind). can your ipod do that? blow me.

the vibe kept begging to be put on one of my weekly 'no buzz' lists. not sure why, he was drunk maybe. anyway, i said it would take a durstulean effort over a period of time for him to make that list. it's normally not something i put my friends on, even my friends that i hate. well, he went off the edge & made it personal. he started saying 'tru calling f*cking sucks. dushku has a cock, & it puts yours' to shame damore'. he went on for easily 2min w/ the verbal assault on my love, Her Duffness, & her show tru calling. i shot an icy brooding stare at him as to say, 'watch it mofo'. he went after my one weakness, my achilles heel if you will: dushku. don't ever badmouth her in my presence.

anyway, things were getting a little out of control w/ these stuffy club-type staffers. bunch of ephing students! at one point, the bouncer walked all the way across the bar to warn grambo to tell his friend vibe to settle down.
damore loves sparks+skeeball
another funny moment was when i inquired to the asst asst manager about the costs of renting out the basement bar. for a sun/mon/tues night, it starts at $4000. a place that could only comfortably host 100-120 people. are you shmears? go eph yourself. i'll take my retrobuzz bingo mania party elsewhere--chucky cheese muthafuckas--so much skeeball & sparks.

i was out later than i planned, i think i got home at 12:45am. which kinda blows when you have to wake-up for work at 5:45am-absopurely negative buzz. but it was very tough to leave that place. although i was able to kite one of the morrissey promo posters on the wall w/out having to roll/fold it up. mint condition. mmmmBEST!

i'm pretty sure this pretty crew will be tearing up royal joak at some party friday night. rumor has it that one of the 1st kegs of sparks (ok it's only a qtr barrel, but still) will be revealed there. so much sparks!

lastly, f*ck you gkvibe, you're never making my no buzz lists. you've got too much sparks. just asking got you banned my friend.

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