Thursday, May 27, 2004

have a nice day 

what a day so far. this morning was one of the worst in recent memory, where i wasn't even hungoves.

1st things 1st, if you haven't checked it out yet, damore haters will love the post kegzies made yesterday on glamorama. my first full-blown hate-post on the web (to my knowledge). damore loves hate mail or the like, almost as much as damore loves talking/writing in the 3rd person all the time. duhvs.

this is all i've got for you today other than my homer jay simpson rip-off from the 'shinning'.

-mmmmBEST! peabs returns to blogville even w/ mono, the franz ferdinand/cat scratch fevers, & the white stripes std. some say best post ever, but don't ask me yet, cos i can't read it at work anymore. so much nsfw buzz. judge for yourself. god bless the peabs for battling all of those ailments to bring some sunshine into all of our lives today.

-libertines- their future is cast in doubt for the 100th time this week when pete either checked-in or checked-out of a rehab center or something, i can't keep track anymore---that's what nme is for. seriously, who goes onto chat rooms on sites called babyshambles.com? must be ephed up. personally, i think it's an all b.s. story. the world isn't that lucky for them to disband, & the devil hates me!

for those oc fans out there, check out chromewaves today for fresh buzz on adam brody potentially playing jimmy olsen in a new superman project. my sources say he's even voluntarily checked himself to a hollywood rehab center to kick that nasty coke monkey off his back, once & for all. speaking of the oc, i heard some hollywood insider rumors about ben mackenzie when i was in cali last month. after seeing him on the conan obrien show earlier this week, i think it's fairly duhvs. conan asked him why all of the girls in the oc cast always are trying to set him up or introduce him to girls at parties, etc. his response was, something like 'yeah, i don't know how to talk to girls, i don't know what to say to them, blah blah blah'. he went on & on for like a couple minutes about it. a young hollywood star should be getting more girls than a pussbag quarterback on a hit reality courting tv show on abc. bovs.

that is all. i'll try to post a review tomorrow of tonight's sea ray/metric show. if you're going, stop by jacoby's before & buy me a drink. if no time to post tomorrow, maybe a review of friday's show at the metro in chi-town. so much dirty mckean buzz.

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