Friday, May 14, 2004

he's the one they call dr. feelgood 

don't ask me, i'm just a girlthis should at least be funny. maybe i'll be subjected to a public stoning (& not w/ crack rock) for ripping on miss lohan again, but this year's mtv movie awards are going to be pure comedy. not because lohan is funny, but because she's so stupidly funny. lohan's crayola'ed to-do list reportedly sports, 'only 3 weeks til taping, better learn how to read'. i know there are legions of twenty/thirty-somethings out there obsessed w/ her, but trust me, unless she develops a close friendship w/ mischa's barfin, that girl is bound to blow up any day now. i'm talking like batgirl bigness. not that there's anything wrong w/ that. hello sabrina the teenage witch part II-mjh. i'll stick w/ my over 21 staples. nothing but bilson & dushku thank you very much. imagine those two merged together--it could be bilshku. mmm...bilshku. mmmmmmmBEST!

frasier calls it quits after 11 years...who the eph is 'frasier'?

yayyyyyyy!talk about a fight having less buzz than jack white vs jason von helsing. i can't decide who to blast 1st. i'm sick of hearing both sides' songs, hearing them talked about ad nauseum, & i'm tired from burning them on my site. franzians even talk like a bunch of ephing students while they're being a bunch of ephing tourists,
'next thing, everybody round me just went nuts and i think glen (franzia tour manager) knocked his hat off & nick punched him in the face & then all these like security guys came & pulled him away. it was like school or something.'

& god forbid anyone sees/hears m&m being a back-stage abortion somewhere in the middle of f*cking germany. realize that you owe everything to dre & move on.

just in case you didn't care, the libertines still blow. if i wanted to hear a terrible version of the strokes i'd just buy the new phantom planet album. no thanks douchemates.

'chevelle hates american idol so much they wrote a song about it'. big deal, damore hates chevelle so much he bought 250 copies of their albums just to use their liner notes as toilet paper.

somehow i missed this pseudo-news bit last week, but heard it on pardon the interuption today. alex rodriguez throws a hissy-fit back in december in the la when he got 'punk'd' by ashton kutcher on his deja vu mtv show when he got 'punk'd' by ashton kutcher on his deja vu mtv show back in december. a sox fan waiter calls a-rod a loser, blah blah blah. big deal. arod refused to sign the consent form & demanded that the tape be destroyed, by holding his breath. he lasted 32 seconds. then he cried.

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