Wednesday, May 12, 2004

i like the one's where the mouse kills the cat 

since no one will read this if it's at the end of this post...tonight is the release party for the new morrissey album, 'you are the quarry', at sofa at posh in ferndale. i've only been to the 'new' sofa once, but it's very cool. if you reside in the d, we'll be arriving at ~10'ish. confirmed attendees are gkvibe & becks (no relation to the crappy hanson), grambo, peabs & dr em -medicine woman. sofa...easily the best night of music played at the bar in the d.
one tree hill finale- such a let-down. blah. brooke was working w/ peyton all along to actually screw over nicki, sending her to seattle instead of georgia to find her daughter jenny. i was blinded by the hottness & didn't see that coming. i was expecting more bitchiness out of brooke--kind of disappointed. whitey's going to lose his sight, big deal. over-the-top season2 fore-shadowing w/ the ravens at the beginning & end of the finale? thanks wb, i'm retarded.

-keith & deb shagging was the only thing that made sense. united by their hate for dan (keith's younger brother, deb's husband), since they one's they loved didn't love them back, they eph on the floor in front of the fireplace. finally something normal happens here.

-lucas & keith moving to some other town/state. lame, they'll be back in 2.5 eps max. lemme guess, they run into trouble there &/or dan dies & they have to come back?

-hailey & nathan not having pre-marital sex--so they decide to get married one night so that they can have guilt-free sex. sounds alot like nick douchey & jessica simpson in real life. too 7th heaven'ish for me to stomach. no buzz. if getting married is a pre-req for sex for someone, you need to keep looking.

-lucas missing the last shot of the game to lose in the playoffs. that was good. i was sick of seeing bad basketball footage.
-dan has a heart attack after catching keith w/ his hand in the cookie jar (his wife, deb), says 'i hope i die' upon being discovered by deb. us too. you won't be missed, & you're not allowed to rent here anymore!

couple thing's for sure need to happen next season. nathan cheats on hailey, they break up, lucas & nathan again are enemies. peyton gets a new boyfriend, brooke seduces him & screws over her friend as payback. dan needs to die. brooke, she goes crazy & has sex w/ every guy/girl at tree hill high.

one of the better parts was when snow patrol's 'run' was featured. not just an excerpt of it, the entire song. no wonder there were so many teens at their show last month at the shelter. apparently they have an obsessed fan at the wb/1 tree hill. this was the 3rd ep featuring a snow patrol song (w/in the past 5 wks or so). look out sea ray, a mob of teens will be at st andrews on 5/27 for your show, which is good for you i guess. at least bar traffic there will be lighter too.
one tree hill...not as good as the oc, but what is, other than tru calling?

i'm not sure what the following from charges at the rollerbest means per se, but i think it's not negative. thx & cheers!

'Snappin’ pop-data from Rock City! The more I read all these Doctors of Detroiters, damore I want to tug the old dusty Korg X-5 out of the grimy old Marsha Marsha Marsha tube amp and call up the old Janissary Core crew. If you can actually find JCore downloads anywhere on the interworld, I’ll send you our crabby old record. And free porn, if you act within the next five days or less. Good luck, lover.'

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