Friday, May 14, 2004

i like stories 

ah, friday, my favorite day of the week. it's that time of the week where you have the longest time off before having to go back to work monday. binge drinking on friday is always very under-rated, despite being highly rated as it is. weekdays are fun, crowds are lighter, but once you're out of college, weekday hang-overs at work have no buzz. some prefer saturdays. a hanger on sunday is always a downer because you have to go to work the next day, which is depressing too. plus, i always feel really slow & dumb mon & tues if i drink heavy on sat night. it takes a few days to shake the rust.

the best drink schedule would be something like this:

mon- not unless interpol is playing your town that night.
tues- rarely. only for a good concert.
weds- the 1st officially acceptable night to drink during the week. thurs & fri you phone it in anyway. drinking every 3rd weds is probably just right. 2x per month=ok
thurs- get drunk watching tru calling, either go out to a bar after, or get stupid drunk at home w/ a few friends or alone. it doesn't matter. going 2 consecutive thursdays w/o drinking, you're officially dead socially (ie married w/ children).
fri- end of week, have all sat & sun to recover. this is when shots of jager are done, giant beers are revealed, & blackouts ensue most frequently. all that pent-up office rage gets released fri night in a hazy booze binge.
sat- lighter drinking done. 4-5 drinks. slight buzz, but can still conversate & drive.
sun- almost never. not unless the darkness are playing your town that night. hangers on mondays=WORST THING EVER!

that's just my take. some drink more frequently, some drink less. i don't think bragging about how much one drinks is cool. for me, i love to do it & i lather/rinse/repeat frequently, that's why i talk alot about it.

puff daddy 'kevorkians' da band. i only saw a couple eps, but there were more fights than the entire season 1 of the oc. somehow this 'band' has sold 800k copies of their 1st album. i didn't even know they had an album out, & that there were 2 seasons of the mtv show w/ da band. i was surprised puffy had the patience to deal w/ this crew for as long as he did. if i was worth hundreds of millions of $'s, i wouldn't want to deal w/ all that drama. then again, maybe that's why he's where he is , & i'm where i am. what kind of cheesecake would you like mr puffy?

check out this on so says i. funny tales of the hollywood life while checking out the premiere of the movie saved!. big shock, adam brody was revealed to be coked out of his mind (again) in public hitting sloppishly on numerous girls (attn: bilson!), even half-ass teenage trannies came out for the event! good times.

while i'm going down on awesome bloggers, go read karen+1's post (musings-on-muse-to-amuse-you-fans) on bob lefsetz/the music industry. as always, brilliant witty commentary on the ignorance of a self-absorbed douchenozz. good stuff.

enjoy your weekend, bovs on some ephing tees!

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