Monday, May 17, 2004

i'll have a monday w/ a side of buzz  

tonight is the 2nd show detroit band last tourist is playing since their buzz-laden return to the music scene. they are supporting scotland's cosmic rough riders at the legendary smalls, in hamtramck. their set runs from 10-10:45. poker legend scotty nguyen is a huge fan of theirs, & is rumored to be attending. no word yet on whether he will be guest mc'ing for the band or not. he might be too busy there drinking mic lights & romancing the ladies. if bill cosby isn't too busy banging strippers, he might be in attendance as well.

just douchinghere are a few things you won't see at the show tonight: fred durst in the audience. beers poured over heads (that is so april 04). un-bovsed-upon tees. jack white--it's monday, & he's too busy beating up the elderly at nursing homes. peabs in spandex tights. kid rock covers revealed.

in conclusion, if you live in the d, be there. if you don't live here, don't go changing that. as good as last tourist is, moving to detroit to see them is a bit rash, since they'll inevitably start touring to a city near you in no time anyway. as their name says, they're a bunch of ephing tourists.

as if you needed more incentive, if you make it, we can run across the street pre-show & buy a sparks & drink it brown-bag style. the cover is only $5, coors light drafts are only $1, & you can go out & still be home & asleep by 11:30pm at the latest.

hope to see you there.

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