Wednesday, May 12, 2004

no buzz 5/12/04 

there wasn't one of these lists last week, but the '10 things that sucked about coachella' list hopefully made up for that.

another bad creation1) the day after tomorrow- great, another $125mills film by the people who gifted us w/ independence day. who plays the US pres in this abortion? richard dean anderson, or jeff daniels? daniels was fit enough to play george washington in a usa or tnt made-for-tv movie, so anything beats bill pullman. as long as it isn't bruce willis, it passes the 1st test, not losing one's eye-site. looks to me like another armageddon all special effects, no substance movie. i hate movies w/ all that plotty/character development stuff anyway.

tree-huggers are hoping the movie will get millions to join up w/ environmentalist causes. um, that would be nice, but c'mon, this is hollywood & you're living in fantasyland. few will want to remember anything about this movie after seeing it. many will spite anything remotely related to it. this movie hurts your cause.

2) another oc creation- i love the oc. but i'm notso sure about the oc companion' show josh schwartz is in talks w/ fox to develop. schwartz would be teaming up w/ his co-exec producers savage & delaurentiis. it's supposedly going to premiere in jan '05, & will be 'melrose place'-esque, in that it targets a slightly older demographic than the oc or it's predecessor, 90210. it's expected to have the same oc formula, mixing storylines of young adults & older characters. i say no buzz cos usually what happens is, the david e kelly's/joss whedon's/& now josh schwartz get a red hot show, take on too many new shows, & all of their projects get diluted in mediocrity & all of them suffer at the same time, along w/ their fans.
(linkage via nummer)

3) pearl jam/friends- this is obvs. friends should've ended 8 years ago. since pearl jam stopped making good music around the same time, why not ask pearl jam to license a song to use for the finale? total 'synergy', which i still don't know the meaning of. note to vedder & co: if you don't want to license your songs, fine. but please don't continue to license them to crappy shows that are well past their prime (like your band). what song are you going to donate to 'the practice' & 'the west wing'? i still can't listen to black or jeremy yet, & it's been 12 years since i od'ed on those from radio/mtv over-play.

'yes, i swear that i'm a certifiable douche'4) rummy & cheney- nice job in iraq rummy. your renegade troops abusing captives are really adding fuel to the fire in iraq. whether you're claiming you had no knowledge of such abuses, or claiming that you issued a press release about an investigation re: it back in january, it doesn't matter. your leadership is sooo poor that i can't even imagine voting for bush if you & cheney aren't sacked. seems like no one wants to bring any bad news to your attention. those that do, either get demoted/fired, or are forced to retire due to frost-bite from your beauracracy. oh yeah, & you're the biggest asshole evs. lighten up a little already.

cheney-you just scare that crap out of me. your shady-as-eph connections to hal-abortion & enron should have made it clear that you are in no way fit to run the country, in the event that gw's dies. as poorly as kerry is capitalizing on your failures, we all know how this story ends. like in '92, no one will care about any successes, cos all we'll remember is how much this back-alley falujahbortion this entire war on iraq has been. btw, any luck finding weapons of mass destruction there? should i look for a buried 3-line press-release from last fall? no 2nd term for you!

5) blogger dashboard- thanks for the head's-up blogger--you screwed up so many blog archives w/out warning. the new templates suck. anything related (even only in name) to chris carrabortion & dashboard confessional blows. bravo. shmears.

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