Monday, May 10, 2004

olsen twins suicide bomb theatres everywhere! 

know what i mean vern?
it's official...the olsen twins have ZERO BUZZ in the over 11 age bracket. box office mojo reports that the the twins' new york minute flopped like bill laimbeer in the playoffs or a ernest goes to camp movie. it cleared $6.2mil this weekend, much less than bynes' WAGW's & the lizzie macguire abortion. even i was surprised at this new york back-alley box office abortion clinic. i thought it would do $12mil, & still be a flop. nice try ladies at cracking the >12 age demo. either you can sit pretty on your nest egg, or you can start doing coke & partying like trashy hilton sisters. until there are tales of drug & alcohol abuse, wild sex parties, you won't get a single dime from me at the box office.

you got it duuuuude!

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