Thursday, May 20, 2004

ready to crash & burn, i never learn... 

sick of damore's weekly no buzz lists? sick of him constantly digging on you or things you like? well now's your chance to voice your opinions. i'm throwing you, the people, an opportunity to help comprise next week's entire 'no buzz' list. pick any relevant current topic or topics, jot down your thoughts & email them to me at retrobuzz1977@yahoo.com. i will pick the best one's, rank them & post next weds 5/26/04. poor submissions will likely either a) get the author added to the no buzz list or b) get posted & busted up like a high school kegger. so be careful. the funnier the better.

any topic is acceptable--think damore himself has ZERO buzz? write about it. sick of wearing pants? write about it. sick of grambo & peabs? don't write about it, i've covered that one ad nauseum already this week! traditionally i've had just the top 5 rankings, if response & submissions are good, that will likely be expanded to accomodate good works.

slash+duffman+sorum+weiland=heroin+sparksanyway, tonight is the velvet revolver show in the d at the state theatre. if you're going, bigmatt (of motor city rocks), gkvibe & myself will be meeting up pre-show at the town pump for drinks at 7pm'ish. post-show plans are to meet-up w/ scott weiland in the back-alley to shoot up heroin & sparks. god i hope mr brownstone will be revealed, it's so easy, nighttrain, my michelle, rocket queen, god anything from appetite. stp material from core & purple would be best too. i know alot of fows are going to the jump,little children show at the magic bag. to that i say, cool, have a great time & enjoy the show. if you have time afterwards, stop by the backalleybortion behind the state...we'll be doing shooting smack w/ weiland & duff till 3am or so. it IS a school night & all.

cheers to peabs & grambo for being good sports while i mocked them the past 2 days--it's so easy easy, when everbody's trying to please me baby. it's so easy...so f*cking easy, yeah it's so easy. & to everyone who reads this, know that in my heart, i love you all. w/out you, there is no retrobuzz. so if you don't like it, stop dropping by.

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