Wednesday, May 05, 2004

so much oc buzz!! 

adam graham writes an amazingly best story on the oc in today's detroit news, & scored an interview w/ josh schwartz, the oc creator. how ephing best is that?! so much buzz. who else asks him about the oc/bob seger references that keep popping up, or what fans really care about, when will the season1 dvd's be released? bovs. answers being 1) cos schwartz loves seger & 2) october '04.
major props out to adam graham for this totally best story/interview.
best episode...ever
here are the USA Today pre-show poll results, & the AP poll results are now in too.

5/05/04 USA Today Pre-No Buzz Poll - The OC 'The Ties That Bind Us'
1) Theresa (85)- Funny, neither Chino or Eddie are the father, right?
2) Chino (71)- Ask Theresa for a wife-beater dna test-- O positive walmarts or B negative walmarts?
3) Julie Coop (55)- Why not just dig up Bob Hope's corpse or just thaw out Walt Disney's frozen corpse & get married?
4) Caleb (47)- Your wedding's going to get busted up like a high school kegger.
5) Cohen (30)- Do more coke--girls love babbling comic-book-loving junkies.

5/05/04 AP Pre-No Buzz Poll - The OC 'The Ties That Bind Us'
1) Theresa (73)- I can't believe you have lasted as long as you have in the OC.
2) Marissa Coop (69)- Go cry somewhere else.
3) Julie Coop (61)- Slut.
4) Caleb (41)- You make shady business deals, marry sluts, do something original.
5) Chino (22)- Go to Oregon with Luke.

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