Monday, May 10, 2004

texting is the new spooning 

some random links of pleasure on this monday.

some more details on the cure-chella tour this summer. dates released. so ephing there at the knob. one can only hope franz ferdinand is added to the line-up. i'd love to see them baptised into american festivals w/ a good 'lawn job' of sod throwing. by then, their jig should be up & they would be exposed for the frauds they are.

as ref'ed on whatevs earlier, oasis have officially hired ringo's son zak starkey to replace alan white in the band on drums. zak is pretty best, having seen him tour w/ the who & marr/the healers. noel also appears to have taken time away from his busy schedule of blowing the soundtrack of our lives & other swedish bands full-time in favor of scotland's pro-abortion faves, franz ferdinand. i wrote oasis off in '00 when 'standing on the shoulders...' came out. they are still good for 3 pretty good trax per album, but the rest is just mediocre filler. wtsmg seems so long ago. please don't release another 'little james' song...playing w/ your toys.
sounds like a barfin rip-off to me
who knew garbage pail kids were back! no word yet on whether my trade-marked mischa's barfin made the cut or not.
brittney spews, scuzzy ozzy & justin timberleg, in sept, we'll meet christina ugliera. i say it's about time. originality was never really there, but i miss the gum in each pack too.

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