Friday, May 07, 2004

tru best everness 

hott hott hottso i finally got caught up on tv yesterday. the greatest episode of any show was revealed to me last night. friends? um, no. that show was pretty much over in '96 according to the ipod (in my mind). i'm talking about tru calling fools. it ran last thurs, but my busy schedule of partying in the la prevented me from seeing it, but it was recorded. it was so ephing best, 2 hours of the truest hottness EVER seen anywhere, via ANY medium. eliza dushku looked amazing (sfbovs), & the mysterious brandon walsh character's tru colors were revealed. you knew early on that jack (brandon walsh) was reliving days like tru does--it was fairly obvs by his sly dialog, the gambling at the horse track, & his arrogant intuition. you knew he was dark as well. what you didn't know is that he is the exact opposite of tru. she saves lives, he makes sure fate has it's way, doing nothing to prevent deaths after the days' rewind. jack also is in the same morgue in nyc & is out to stop tru from saving lives.
jack is a dark, seemingly fun-loving guy w/ a mean streak. i really related to him, until he crossed the line & started messing w/ tru davies. tru's brother harrison dies & the day rewinds. she has to keep harrison alive. jack is like 'death' stalking it's next victim. he tries to make a deal w/ tru that saves harrison, but she would have to quit saving lives. tru says, 'eph that! it's on bitch!'. also revealed was that jack is working for mr. davies, tru's dad. he is like jack's evil mentor. tru's mom had the same gift, she was good & prevented murders. mr. davies married her in order to kill her & put an end to her do-gooding. tru's mom passed her gift on to tru, now it's jack's turn to take tru out of the picture. i must say my heart broke for tru in this ep. she's one tough biscuit. easily among dushku's best performances.
bovs all oves those ephing tees. shmears.
the best part of the season finale was when tru's love interest, luc, is thrown right into a death trap by jack, so that at least someone dies in place of tru's bro, harrison. soephingbest! fox execs listened to my daily v-mail rants that he needed to die. no word yet on whether they'll take my directives to cast me on the show as tru's new love interest. i guess i'll find out on may 20th. so much mystery buzz!

not sure how much you'll see/hear from me over the next 2 weeks. tru calling finds out its renewal fate on may 20th. needless to say, 90% of my time is going to be spent working on my new blog, www.renutru.blogspot.com, & writing emails/letters to every fox exec telling them how best this show is, & how well it will do next season w/ friends out of the picture. i don't know what i'll do if this show isn't picked up. sfb! maybe get a frosty at wendy's, maybe a boston cooler at wally's. who am i kidding, i'll probably go on a summer-long bender, which i pretty much do every summer anyway. coincidentally, i watched some of the new guy last night on the wam! channel. a horrible movie made best by dushku. curse those damn hollywood 'star maps'--no dushku=no buzz.

when's the last time you heard any hives buzz? i can't remember either. pelle & the svenskas are releasing an lp this summer (their 1st since 2000's vvv) & will follow it up w/ a stateside tour beginning in july. i like the hives, but haven't seen them live in concert, so this to me has buzz. rock stars, plain & simple.
i'm a monkey!
i couldn't believe hearing that 5k people showed up last saturday to see william hung perform at oakland mall in troy, mich. that's more than showed-up to somerset for avril last month. i think this is a funny joke, but it's soooo smarch 2004. i heard on the radio that hung was asked by the dodgers to become their new 'rally mascot', kind of like the angels' 'rally monkey' 2 yrs ago, or the 'homer hankies' used back in the day by the twins. he wanted all sorts of money for it. the dodgers were like, there's no $, it's an honor & good pub for your crappy cd & appearances. william hung, you're the biggest joke ever. get over yourself already! you're not a star, a celeb, or what have you. you're one mean joke created by a shallow industry.

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