Wednesday, May 26, 2004

well well well 

proving that nme isn't ALWAYS just a bunch of good for nothing douchebags, they reveal that the new new order album will be a throwback to their dance music, or technique if you will.notso good that is unless this story is all bs...then i say curse you nme! anyway, i say mmmmBEST! i absopurely loved 2001's 'get ready', just make sure to get a restraining order filed against billy corgan w/ at least a ban of a 5km radius. i fell in love w/ technique instantly, just as i did w/ power,corruption&lies, substance, low-life, get ready,etc. the opposite of what happened when they released 'republic' in '93. i love the opening track, 'regret', but nothing else. let's hope their new stuff isn't 'republic too'. duhvs.

no buzzi received an anonymous phone tip yesterday that at 5pm, an announcement would be made that courtney hole was going to be playing a show on july 6th at clutch durstos. tix go on-sale at 10am today. if you're anything like me, you're 6 years removed from caring about miss hole. celebrity skin, one of the best albums in '98, not to mention a great summer album. since then, her erratic druggie-whore persona has worn thinner than lara flynn boyle. the only reason to hit this show is to see what wild & crazy stunt c-love is gonna pull. a fight on stage w/ a bandmate, a fight in the crowd w/ a fan, duhvs she will flash the crowd w/ her wrinkly, leathery skin, only sick f*cks would want to see that for the hundredth time. & clutch cargos, worst venue ever. shmears.

we won't start playing again until we see a prescription slipdude, no way! i'm freaking out man! pass the nitrous. wait, who is breaking up? in news that will finally send legions of followers to bathe once again after a 10 year protest, phish inspires their fans once again, by announcing that after their summer tour, they will be hitting the showers. who will their fans follow now for 4/12 months a year smelling poorly & taking drugs to? flaming lips? maybe. string cheese incident? probably. dude, you're on deck, get ready for day2 lollapalooza. load up the petuli oil & the shrooms. oh man, gotta go, i got the munchies.
(news via nummer, no offense intended)

more no-buzz buzz later.

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