Tuesday, May 11, 2004

what's a battle? 

do i look high?
look no further for some summer oc buzz. mtv reveals that everyone's favorite cokehead, adam brody, & lindsay lohan will likely star together in 'love & death at terrington prep'. i saw ms lohan on mtv's made or driven show (or whatever), & holy jebus, they don't come any blonder/dumber. i would have fired her agent on the spot for allowing her to do a revealing behind the scenes show on mtv. luckily, no one cared & still saw 'mean girls'. lohan is reportedly in final negotiations.

i liked it the 1st time, thank you very much. cedric the notso funny entertainer wants to remake classic movie 'back to school'. are you shmears? that movie is untouchable. the triple linding?

i know i dig on the strokes alot. it's funny, cos i'm mostly joking around. i had their show on both my 'buzz/no buzz' lists to the left. their show last night at the state theatre in the d was no joking matter. they were ephing best. while at work yesterday i was 50/50 on going--felt tired & just wanted to go home & sleep. i felt about 63.8% better once i got out of work, & decided to go. funny how that happens. at work=sick, not at work=fine. about 15 of the usual suspects met up pre-show at the town pump for drinks before catching the strokes show. i didn't eat dinner, so after 4 pints or so, i was buzzing like freeway rumblestrips.

for not being sold out, it sure looked & felt jammed to me. yeah, they played alot of room on fire, which i'm not crazy about, but obvs, 'is this it' was revealed heavily, since their entire catalog is maybe 70 minutes of music. nyc cops, hard to explain...absopurely best.

i spent the 1st part of the show hanging w/ bigmatt up-front. kind of bounced around in the back bar area & the mid-tier areas as well. no kirk gibson sighting, i think that db lies about liking 'new & hip' bands so that he can continue to date younger & younger strippers. he gets older, they stay the same age. i was a little disappointed in the drunk banter supplied by julian. there wasn't much to speak of.
2 lucky hits, nice career!what he did say i couldn't make any sense of. were they sober? probably not. for a tour that doesn't have that much buzz, given that room on fire launched 7 months ago, you wouldn't have known it by the insanity inside. last time around in oct, r.o.f wasn't released yet, & the smoking ban pissed me off. this show, knew the newest songs, smoked like 15 cigarettes inside not getting hassled by bloomberg wannabes at all. mmmmbest! this show was, cut & dry, best.

lisa rinna, who the eph do you think you are? over-rated former melrose star said, 'it scares me to death having two young daughters, that britney spears is one of the world's role models!'. hmm, maybe rinna doesn't remember her worst ever pictorial in playboy 6 years ago? unfortunately, i can't wipe my memory clean of those 9 month pregnant images. preggers pictorials? notabigfan. brit hasn't posed nude yet & you're calling her the anti-christ? rinna then proves she did nothing but drugs & blackout through-out all of the 80's & 90's when she goes on to praise madonna, brit's mentor fcs! eph you lisa rinna--melrose place? that was soooo 11 years ago. eph you harry hamlin--nice career since la law. i loved your made for tv movie 5 yrs ago w/ the real estate development condos built atop a mutated rattlesnake haven (1999's 'silent predators'). sorry to attack hamlin here, but he's married to rinna, & has no buzz.

maxim/blender/stuff mag's present 'fantasy island' featuring velvet revolver, the darkness & fountains of wayne in atlantic city june 26/27. for $150, seems kind of pricey. strange line-up too. fow doesn't really mesh too well w/ the darkness & velvet revolver. so much heroin is gonna be consumed by weiland that weekend. tix on-sale today at 12pm. sounds cool, but def not worth an interstate trip, or $150.
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strange headline 'jackie chan digs up land mines in cambodia'
even stranger headline 'jackie chan digs up land mines in cambodia...gets blown up'. that would have been funnier.

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