Thursday, May 06, 2004

when your day is done & you wanna ru-un...cocaine 

this is my part1 write-up on the weekend's festivities in the la & coachella/palm springs. as far as i know, it's pretty accurate. the actual coachella part will be revealed later, not enough time, & too much to cover.
thursday 4/29
damore & uncle grambo flew to la arriving at ~2pm. rented convertible, checked out venice beach (no beach bench presses thank you very much), being sweet. obvs. peabs & dirty mckean opted for a 1 night crazy trip to vegas thurs instead. made plans w/ kerry so says i & foxy jess blueprint to meet up for drinks/dinner at a sushi place on hollywood blvd, across from where the jimmy kimmel show tapes. ironically the place had buzz, despite ryan seacrest's show 'on air w/ douchecrest' taping in the same plaza. after taking the scenic route around la in 90210 & sunset, & getting lost, we finally made it there ~6:45'ish. 1st time mtg kerry, who was very cool (not to mention sexy) & was nice enough to hook up green room guest list buzz for the 4 of us for the night's show.  
after ordering food, a few drinks, it was time to head over to the theatre for kimmel. the night's guests were greg kinnear, vanessa marcil, & snow patrol. didn't watch the main guests, just got drinks, people watched, & took in the atmospheric buzz. the green room sports several plasma tv's, swanky furniture, pool table, & retro arcade/pinball machines. i'm talking like asteroids & centipede.

after a few rounds, a couple smoke breaks, it was time for snow patrol. went upstairs to the theatre, vip stizz, & got up close to the stage. i think their 1st song was 'spitting games', 'chocolate', & 'run'. 3 songs in all, not too shabby. the crowd was very into their music, & gary & co fed off of it. much better sound than at the shelter show. after their set, the girls yelled out synchronously 'what are you doing after the show?!', which was hilarious. kimmel's brother made some funny smart-ass crack which was good for a laugh.
back down in the green room, it was more drinks & people watching. la people are much better looking than midwesterners. snow patrol came down to drink after, & the girls struck up conversations. they seemed really laid back & fun. grambo & i had to meet up w/ his friend whose place we were crashing at, so i make a quick conversation w/ gary lightbody. real quick banter, cos i'm sure talking to dudes is low on the priority list while on tour, i mention how good their detroit show was, etc. then i got the idea to have him insult me by having him say 'fuck off, your website's shit'. he was a little wtf?, but after a few drizzies, he was game. i was amused, & it was time to leave, early unfortunately.
we met up w/ mark's friend jimmy & his gf nicole, & went around the block to 'scary-ho's', which i couldn't remember the real name of. jimmy & nicole were very nice, & very cool. c friggs had called called grambo out-of-blue earlier, & was flying out to la for work fri night to deliver some top secret documents. friggs met up w/ us at scary-ho's, which was kind of fratish, but there was college-cheap booze & scores of young attractive ladies. mmmmBEST! several rounds, shots, we were ephed up. post bar, we stopped in for some sketchy mex food. drunken burritos=heaven. some girl who obvs listened to too much yorn asked for some of my burrito. i was tanked & said something like, 'um, notso much'. i smelled a scam w/ zero pay-off. c friggs, so much buzz, decides to stay the weekend in cali, gambling wisely on a trip to indio for coachella.
Friday 4/30
woke-up around 8am, showered, then hit the scenes in la. drove down sunset, then back to hollywood blvd to get picks of the h'wood sign. rambo (no joke) was hanging out front of the wax museum & photos were taken of grambo & rambo, 1st blood stizz. best. damore even got a pic w/ the rambo character, wielding an m-16. so random. we met up w/ another friend of UG's, curley (who coincidently started a retro sports apparel co), & went out for b-fast, which was the best meal of the trip: red flannel hash.
yo adrian! 
~1pm, hit the road, 'driving down the 101' (phantom planet ref). killed time in ps till it was time to party hard at bananaz. ralph's, so best, it's where movie stars like gina gershon shop for fruit at 2am. after dinner/drinks at the blue oyster grill, we conned an extra 1 or 2 into the diesel/filter mag party, it was time to drink more. not realizing certain drinks were free, i ordered a round of non-free drinks. probably spent $40 before inquiring about the drink specials. doh! once the girls showed-up & the place started getting packed w/ stalkers, groupies, & douchebag types, it was best. i was warned not to say anything bad about howie day'te rapist, since he was standing nearby.
after multiple rounds of red stripes, some jager shots, it was time for some amusement. the music was good, a big group of us were dancing, & i totally ripped-off a 1st hand account from the week prior. grambo revealed that ultragrrrl, upon getting to some bar in nyc, ordered a beer, then just poured it over her head & ordered another drink after. that sounded like so much fun, so i did that a few times, pretty much soaking me, & others, when i started shaking my head like a dog to get others' wet. i thought it was hilarious & fun. best rip-off ever. afterwards, we partied back at the hotel. next day kinda rough, but it was sunny, hott, & chock full of buzz.

more details to come. no time for love dr. jones!

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