Wednesday, May 05, 2004

who says i hate everything? 

so much buzz
so much sea ray buzz...tonight you can catch sea ray's music featured at 9pm on tonight's 'one tree hill' ep. yes, i like this show. it has hott girls/moms, lots of drama, & most importantly some of the best new music featured on tv. snow patrol has been featured in two eps, a couple weeks ago it was fountains of wayne (all kinds of time), & tonight is the totally best sea ray's turn. SEA RAY+brooke+peyton+nicki+the moms=THE BEST THING EVER. throw in a couple sparks, & shmears. nicki+brooke=pure hottnessif you miss it tonight, it also runs sundays' at 5pm on the wb. if you miss that, never talk to me again. mmmmBUZZ...don't forget to buy tix to the best line-up since, well, coachella. only it's much more concise, not as brutally hot, very affordable, drinks cost less, & you don't have to travel to cali for it. sea ray/metric/the stills. i'm sure they'll be hitting a town town near you very soon, may 27th for those located in the d.

speaking of buzz, please do yourself a favor & check out the coachella highlights & OC BUZZ on kerry's so says i, jessica's the blueprint, & uncle grambo's whatevsdotbovs. it was so fun hanging out w/ jessica & kerry (whom i had never met before) in the la & the palm springs. you'd be hard pressed to find any cooler, nicer, better looking genuine people ever in your life. so says i has a great write-up on the bands/brody cokehead buzz, the blueprint has some MAJOR OC BUZZ revealed complete w/ pics. mmmmBEST! cheers, thx for the good times ladies.

one thing i'll reveal prematurely...the quote of the year...(to damore) 'f*ck off, your website's shit!'-gary lightbody (of snow patrol).
how ephing best is that?! a rock star slams retrobuzz in the green room at the jimmy kimmel show. actually, i had to literally beg gary to say that so that i didn't have to lie about him saying it. who makes rockstars insult their web site? damore, that's who. strange. why? cos i thought it was funny.

*breaking wilco buzzzzzz! wilco will be on the bill for the detroit lollapalooza date. since i don't live in other cities, i didn't bother to research it further. hopefully they're making up for their coachella rehabortion in other cities too!

*durst blog ever- fred durst has a blog, & yep, it's becks. sfbovs.
(*obvs, courtesy of the grizz)

until later, when i have time to tell you about what else was best about the coachella.

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