Tuesday, May 25, 2004

the world is my ash tray 

don't forget, tomorrow is the deadline for reader submissions for this week's no buzz list. pick a topic, write why you think it has no buzz, & email it to me at retrobuzz1977@yahoo.com. if response is poor, i'll probably just write one for you under your name.

maybe the liner notes are better?contraband--best album ever, worst cover art ever. i was expecting some skulls, snakes, blood, cross-bones...you know, something death related, or maybe a trashy album cover. oh well. june 8th can't get here soon enough. i finally saw the video for 'slither' last night. holy shitballs, it's weird. some say just barely better than franz ferdinand's album cover.
(via the grizz)

while on the topic, i think the latest post on whatevs is pretty good-very funny, etc. i found it ironic that uncle grambo blasts the morons who created the lame term 'divizzle' for snoop dogg's divorce. there's alot of crap thrown-out by fow's (myself included)...mizz, smizz, bizz, stizz, tigs all come to mind. now if you're peabs, you can go around pretending you invented all these 'izz' words, or just admit that you ripped off snoop &they should have been franzia'd pre-fetus all along. hmmmmm...i wonder if that paragraph from kate lee (via radosh) is real, or if grambo is starting to doctor up his own emails? either way, it's buzz.

speaking of worst, here's my favorite franz tee.worst.tee.evs

the libertines have finished their new album, whatever it's called. btw, do the writers at pitchfork try to write like complete a-holes? cos they're so good at it. i'm beyond jealous. a record as terrible as this only comes along once in a generation—okay, maybe once or twice a year. though i'm sure i'll be praising it as the greatest album of '04 in six months. i was so relieved a year & a half ago when i bought 'up the bracket'. i thought i was going to be wasting money on a piece of shite over-hyped abortion of an album & listen to it only once. i gave it a few good listens before banishing it along w/ beck's sea change. it now serves as my warning to not buy music praised-to-fuckdom on blogs. even when the band's decent, it's such a let down. like you're expecting the dom, but you get mums, or worse, cooks champagne. if i hate up the bracket why the eph would like their new one?!

people ask me all the time: 'damore, why are you such an a-hole on your site?', 'why do you rip on franz ferdinand all the time?', libertines, strokes, etc. this is the only response i have: i don't like alot of stuff, but that alone isn't enough to make me go on writing day-after-day about the same topics. what i'm really trying to do is bring some balance to the world, & maybe show that it's okay not to like something everyone is raving about. maybe next time they see something that is wrong or that they don't agree with, maybe they'll speak up. simple promotion of independent thought & free speech. how noble of me.

worst post ever.

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