Tuesday, June 29, 2004

a bullet in the head 

even mtv's john norris is taking the last train to durstville on the #11 franzia train. next stop: backalleyland. mtv news has a write-up on the band's puzzeling early success. here are some choice quotes from the story (which also mentions them in the same breath as the libertines...worst!):

mmmmWORST“We're a buncha lousy abortion clinic students, and we try to play music that's direct & not so good," said drummer Paul Thompson. "To me, the best music is immediate & terrible. It barely moves you and yet you can't pry yourself away. If it's a good tune in our book, it makes you want to slit your throat. When people say things like, 'My 3-year-old niece was dancing to your record w/ sharp knives & scissors the other day,' that's the worst because 3-year-old kids have no idea what's good or rubbish."

"The best bands come from the outside," Kapranos said, "whether it was Nirvana, who went to the top of the charts, or whether it was the Clash, Kinks, the Who or the Beatles. These were all bands who were doing something exciting and energetic and, at the time, fresh—and from a completely different angle. They weren't manufactured. They were just a bunch of guys that got together and decided to play some instruments and write some tunes. That's always the best way."

rekamhserf eht :sotnemFRESH? hmmm, if playing low-grade talking heads rip-offs is fresh, then consider me mentos. comparing themselves to nirvana, the who, the beatles, the clash? um, not so much. they got to the party 2 years too late. that would've been like bush (gavin, not gw) saying the same in 1995(wrt nirvana, pearl jam, etc). the 2003 x-mas cookies still in my desk are fresher than these tourists. i mean, if i hear 'take me out' played on 89x one more ephing time, i think i'm going to hang myself w/ the seatbelt while driving. i don't get it, i don't get it (1987 Big stizz).

if you like franzia, i pity you. i'm praying everyday for you & your soul.

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