Monday, June 28, 2004

buzz cola lite 

sounds like a bad movie, but i'll see it anyway (on dvd). into the blue, a treasure seeking action adventure movie featuring the lovely jessica alba & the db clone paul walker (i still don't know the difference between him, ryan philllllippppee...llllippppe & hayden christensen). okay, so maybe alba's buzz has died down dangerously to jennifer love hewitt levels since dark angel & honey, but w/ this she is poised to stage her comeback to the buzz levels attained during idle hands. this movie has it all...alba in bikinis, sharks, & cocaine. let's hope it isn't as bad as deep blue sea though. no ll cool j, no michael rappaport, no sam jackson is a good start. duhvs.

sea ray....revealed...EVEN MORE! check out the leafblower's interview w/ greg zinman of sea ray fame. while i am certain a human w/ a baboon's heart & the brain of a chimp could conduct a better interview than me, leafblower does so w/ out either, making it no contest. nice job, that's good stuff.

chromewaves also has a write-up on sea ray's show last night in toronto. hopefully next time through there will be more word-of-mouth buzz & more promotion to get bodies there.

unfortunately, the same # of people (15) were at the cadieux cafe saturday during the nice device's set. the band had to play 1st, as they had an opening gig at the majestic theatre that night. too bad no one knew about this outdoor show. hopefully this is just the start of more higher profiled opening slots as well.

as i revealed a rare sunday paper read yesterday, i found that the freep's brian mccollum finally wrote in praise of something relevant: the prime ministers. taking a break from blowing elephant, he gives their new album (the prime ministers go for glory) some high praise. (also on whatevs)

i just received 2 crazy hilarious emails from the grizz...just revealed minutes ago is that the verve pipe will be opening for REO speedwagon on july 10 at pine knob. if i wasn't already throwing a party that night, i would totally be there for this epic show. possibly the best bill since??? verve pipe...soooo 1992-1996.they must be pretty desperate...1st vanderark opens for bob guiney at the bag, now this? what's next, opening slots for boston & chicago at the county fair? did i say county fair, because i meant to the state fair. SARS ICE

even worse? gore gore girls will be opening for sugar ray at pine knob on july 25. SARS LITE. i guess it's good for exposure, but are any of the redneck hicks (at REO) & the douchebags (at sugar ray) going to get into their music run out to buy 10 copies of pop smear or villains? nope. maybe the gigs pay well (um, probably not), or it's all a big joke.

oasis...bunch of fookin students! after revealing 2 new mediocre tracks at glastonbury fest this weekend, they decide to work on new material (again!). maybe sacking death in vegas wasn't so smart after all? heathen chem 2 doesn't look so promising, now does it mates?

jewel whores herself out to clear channel. worst. who's next, norah jones?

so durst. courtney love's web site, is shut-down due to lack of $. love's asking fans to make donations or buy notso free 'free courtney' shirts at www.getvexed.com, which'll help pay the server bill. suck it!

the thrills new album to be released sept 14th. this just in...NOBODY CARES. just thinking about it makes me narcoleptic...

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