Monday, June 07, 2004

dodgy is the new sketchy 

if you don't want read about the high profile surprise wedding from the weekend, you've come to the right place. if you want to read about dido, the stones, gene simmons & velvet revolver...

i'll get to the stones huge win over the lakers in a minute...
dodgy dido
last night's dido show at the fox theatre, in the d, was probably the sleeper show of the year. meaning it will go down as the best show of the year, but expectations weren't that high going in. the fow nation (seantizz, grizz, mandypants*, nummer, gp jen & grambo) met up at the town pump pre-show for drinks. rarely do perks like suite tix come my way, but i was able to score 4 tix in my employer's suite for the show, & 2 free parking passes. we got to the venue a little after 8, missing the opener jonathon rice. grambo had a solo ticket, so i pulled some dodgy manuevers to get him into the suite too. i'll throw myself some props on that, cos it was the best scamola ever. dido went on at 8:30, & was 100% pure hottness wearing jeans & white top, being as graceful as a butterfly. her bass player was wearing a pistons jersey, & dido made several references to the pistons/lakers game-- stroking detroit's egos by supporting the stones. mmmmBEST! her accent, so so best. the crowd of 4500 fell in love w/ her instantly.

btw, she's not moving to LA. her voice sounded so good, & her band was tight, going through a good mix of songs from no angel & life for rent, plus 1 or 2 i wasn't familiar with. in total, i think she played 15 or 16 songs. thankfully eminem was nowhere to be seen when she played 'thank you'. i always thought that dido made eminem, not vice-versa. em's song stan features dido/thank you & pretty much makes that song. that song blew up & made him a god. w/out dido, eminem is hanging at pistons games drinking beers w/ kid rock & chris cheliblos acting like a jackass. anyway, back to dido---i've never heard more beautiful banter in-between songs--is there a prettier voice in the word? dido even threw out the term 'dodgy', as in 'dodgy holiday flings'. it forever replaces my use of shady or sketchy from now on. dodgy. this will probably the best concert i go to this year. unless the verve reunites to play at my x-mas party. that good. since i started writing this some 3 hours ago, grambo has posted his review--check it out. HOLLA!

dodgy billupsdee-troit basssket-ball. dee-troit basssket-ball. dee-troit basssket-ball. dee-troit basssket-ball. the pistons shockey the world & dominate the la lakers in an 87-75 victory in game one of the finals. i'm still sticking w/ my pistons in six prediction, although a sweep is possible. la...bunch of ephing students!

proving ever the d-bag, gene simmons to release a boxed set of 100 songs unfathomably even worse than anything spawned by kiss. i hate this band. i hate that they mass market & license all their crap like krusty the clown. mostly, cos their music sucks, & they're treated like royalty. can you tell that i don't like gene simmons? it didn't help hearing the jag-off on npr a few months ago being a total a-hole to the female interviewer. pretty much the only kiss song i ever liked was 'i wanna rock & roll all night, & party every day'. mostly because it's in 'dazed & confused' though.

06/08/04--contraband. velvet revolver. so much buzz. tomorrow, their album hits stores everywhere. here's an interesting story i found on the band this morning. contraband...some say the new strays.
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