Saturday, June 26, 2004

for love of the crack 

no update yesterday due to that time of the month. no, not that time of the month, but month end. in the rather borish materials mgmt world, month end is where accounting takes a snap-shot of the books & reports financials internally. my day was spent creatively but ethically (& legally!) getting my programs' #'s to be under goal. real fun stuff. here is some stale & cold buzz, leftovers from yesterday.

steven's making mtn dew comercials, & i'm arrested...wtf?poor dmx...what an ass-face. thursday night he & a friend were at kennedy airport in nyc & attempted to steal a motorist's car, claiming they were federal agents, then they crashed another car through a gate at the airport. when approached by airport police, they said that they were fbi agents. police found a satchel of crack cocaine & a billy club in the car. i understand the crack, but billy clubs? i thought those went out in the 90's after LA cops beat down rodney king & detroit cops killed malice green. or were those maglight flashlights? everything has gone downhill for dmx since making the movie exit wounds w/ steven seagal in 2001. they would've totally gotten away clean had they recalled the wise words of lloyd christmas in dumb & dumber, 'don't worry...i'm a limo driver'. bunch of students.

shit like this makes me want to sell my tv at a pawn shop (again). fox revealed that they're expediting 'trading spouses' to the airwaves to go head-to-head against abc's 'wife swap'. w/ mary-kate's eating disorder treatment, i think a network should be buying the rights to my 'porcelain princesses' eating disorder reality show. still no calls though. wishing mary-kate nothing but a speedy & complete recovery. i think she'll come back stronger than ever & be able to do alot of good, encouraging her fans w/ similar problems to have the courage to seek treatment. bravo MK.

hey now. infinity broadcasting finally has some stones & says it will back howard stern on the impending passing of the indecency act, which somehow got tagged onto the end of a military bill. sounds dodgy as fuck. eph the FCC, eph michael powell, eph bush. glad the cost of free speech can be now millions of dollars w/ absopurely zero constitutionality in the 1st place. michael powell, son of colin, friend of gw. appointed maybe by gw since he relates so well to him? neither have actually earned a fucking thing in their lives, & have had everything handed to them because of who their father's are.

what was britney thinking? maybe something like, 'um, well, like i like white-trash & walmarts'. i'll be impressed if it lasts 72 hours. this time, get a pre-nup, & don't check-in to the onyx whoretel.

so hott, yet so worst movie evsso last night i was lame & stayed in to catch-up on some sleep. before i retired though, i caught the terrible, terrible movie 'lost souls', starring winona ryder. so awful, i couldn't make it to the end, & flipped to watch 'wrong turn', which is playing all month on cinemax. mmmmBEST!

i remember walking into the theatre in 2000 to catch the very end of 'lost souls', while waiting to see the re-released 'the exorcist'. i knew exactly what was going to happen & was like, 'wow, this movie blows'. i would give that movie 1 star out of 5, but only because i love winona ryder. heathers & reality bites, are there 2 better movies...ever? i didn't think so either.

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