Tuesday, June 22, 2004


here's some news that oc fans & grambo will appreciate. luke (chris carmack) & amanda bynes to star together in 'lovewrecked'. the premise sounds as tired as i am reading about it now. he's a rockstar, she works at the resort, they both get thrown overboard in a cruise & end up stranded on a desert island together. did anyone see carmack's 'the last ride' on usa? i love bad movies but i couldn't even watch half of it. some say worse than hopper's 'waterworld' & 'speed'.

HOLLA!HOLLA! baha men made a huge comeback & released the single of the year, 'holla!'. remember like 4 years ago when 'who let the dogs out' was the biggest song in the world, then, not so much. well they're back. if you're like me, a completist, & the album & the single aren't enough for you, you'll find it on 'garfield: the movie' soundtrack. now that's good buzz. the kids are gonna love this song.
(via the grizz)

who asked for this comeback? new richard marx album to hit the pavement on aug 10, cleverly titled 'my own best enemy'. sounds like it will be as good as the lit album which featured the song w/ a similar name. can't you just disappear quietly & permanently like the other guy in wham?

all for now. maybe more later.

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