Wednesday, June 02, 2004

holy cow! 

'get that shitte outa here!'deeeee-troit bassssket-ball! deeeee-troit bassssket-ball! deeeee-troit bassssket-ball! pistons avoid a no-win game 7 scenario in indy by pulling out a dub against the AMC Pacers at the palace. the first half was ugly. when i tuned in the stones were down like 13-4. w/ like less than 4 in the half it was like 27-24. the first half was a total 1978 auburn hills michigan brick-alley abortion clinic. i'd say the 2nd half was a big improvement, but it really wasn't. it was plain & simple: blue-collar basketball. the stones don't just ride out a game on the leather arses like some west-coast teams...they grind it out. the best part about the entire game last night was seeing my favorite detroit douchebags in attendance douching it up. i'm talking kid rock & chris cheliblos sitting next to eachother (also next to chris 'please call me drapes' draper). durst. they had like 20 beers lined-up in front of them. i can't think of a bigger collection of d-bags i'd want to hang out w/ less. maybe carrot-top, durst, & oj simpson. kid rock on the court trying to get the crowd 'arroused' was hilarious. he might be the most white-bread-trust-fund-baby piece of white trash ever. walmarts.

'i'm the rapist & he's the mvp'too bad the stones didn't face the celts & vin baker in the 1st round. we could've defeated a lazy drunken thief first (if he played at all). then the pistons would've taken out jason wife-beating & kidd out, then next up they'd take out the trash & defeat the kobe-the-date-rapist. & remember, he's not innocent until proven guilty per se, he's only PRESUMED innocent, until proven guilty. big difference. stones will bovs over those fake ephing tees in 7. duhvs.

speaking of durst, enjoy this pic. worst. (via the grizz)fred durst

congrats out to megan at the employee comedy corner of the world. yesterday she graced us all w/ her 100th post. cheers megan, that's good stuff. if i were still in chicago, i would've totally bought you a 'party cake' & fedex'ed it to you. i saw hundreds of 'party cake shops' there this past weekend. chi-town, what's the story w/ that? yesterday i also happened to celebrate my 100th post on retrobuzz.

it's good to be back on a stable diet of phc this week. ah, that's the stuff. thank you whatevs.

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