Wednesday, June 30, 2004

kick his ass sea bass! 

the grizz called me earlier today & played today's TRL on mtv (tivo'ed), which had kirsten dunst on today to promote spiderman2. she said possibly the WORST thing since elijah wood's appearance a few months back. at the end she was asked what she is listening to these days, to which she screeched something like 'i love franz ferdinand!'. wood said something like 'i totally love franz!'. are you shmears? there you have it. proof positive that this band is musical herpes simplex infinity+10.

i'm thinking of officially shifting my blog's entire focus to how much franzia suck it. i just don't understand their appeal. now i think it's just 'cool' to like the band that all these dodgy celebs are talking about. reminds me of creed's popularity. mainstream society is largely sheep-like, & when something has buzz, they adopt it, not because it's good, but because it's considered popular/in.

overratedi found real detroit shannon mccarthy's review of the killers to be much more on par than her franzia review 2 months ago. she never did have the stones to respond to my letter to the editor, oh well. mccarthy gives it a 3/5, average review, describing it as 'they sound like a lot of bands, which is exactly what impedes the band's debut, Hot Fuss, from being superb'.

editor's note: it's funny that mccarthy even says 'they're no franz ferdinand'!...classic.

photo credit: whatevsdotorgthe killers are ok. nothing new, nothing ground-shaking. 4 solid songs, & some filler. the funniest part is that most of the 'buzz' you read about them has nothing to do w/ their music at all. mostly girls who want to fuck them. & that's fine. just don't try to convince me they're the resurrection of jesus & the apostles. will you be listening to them in 8 months? do you still listen to the YYY's much? their name says it all...'we found out there was already the stills, thrills, kills so we added 2 letters toward the end'. nice safe bet. i still laugh out loud when i think of their embarrassingly pretentious coachella set where they had a 20-person choir come-out on stage to sing on the final minute of 'all these things that i've done'.

i've been too busy the past 2 months trashing the west coast blog scene, when really my attention should have been on the nyc holier-than-thou fucksters who think they define what's actually good or not. go read your precious little creem mag to find out what will be the next big thing.

i think i'll stick w/ listening to the bands these hip 'new' bands are trying so earnestly to emulate. nice try, sorry.

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