Wednesday, June 30, 2004

lazy wednesday afternoon 

poor lindsay lohan. what will this do to her? her dad was just arrested for skipping out on a $3800 hotel bill in long island.

the libertines...what a ephing soap opera. i feel bad for the nme beat team that has to work their tails off to stay current of all this drama. the prep schoolers will tour on...w/out pete doherty. no buzz. "it is with regret that the libertines announce they are to continue without singer and guitarist peter doherty due to his well-known addiction problems, specifically with crack cocaine and heroin".

lousy band, funny story (on mtvnews). saliva singer josey scott tee's off on casablancas & chad kroeger. here's the heart of it:

"I don't think American kids are really into it," he said, citing the Vines and Strokes as examples. "American kids wanna get in the mosh pit. They wanna get dirty. Chicks wanna show their t--s. They wanna rock. They want something that kicks ass, and the Strokes and all that sh-- ain't gettin' it done. I'm not trying to cut them down, I'm just saying you gotta get the job done, man. When you walk onstage, you gotta get the job done. You gotta rock the f---in' party, and they don't do it. They never have and they never will."

He and former pal Chad Kroeger are responsible for the hit single "Hero" off 2002's "Spider-Man" soundtrack, and both appeared in the video. For services rendered, Scott was paid $5,000, though he claims they had a handshake deal stipulating that he would receive $40,000 for his studio time, and another $40,000 for the video.

"They [screwed] me on that song," Scott said. "I want the whole world to know it. They made millions off that song and threw me $5,000? That was foul, that was wrong, and that's bullsh--. They would have paid a janitor more than that. ... I can't even pay for my flights and my hotels with $5,000. What the f--- am I gonna do with $5,000? That's bullsh--."

wow, moving on...

i gotta say, if you haven't read the killers 'hot fuss' review posted on the nothing i know, you're missing out. it's funny & dead on. i'm actually a little pissed at myself for not hitting the killers out of the park in my last post. i'd say it was a inside-the-park home run on a throwing error. good stuff.

da! another blanking franzia story on reuters. mmmmWORST! kill me now

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