Tuesday, June 01, 2004

mckean's gotta go! 

what a crazy weekend. no posts friday or monday. too much partying. hopefully you did some yourselves.

thursday- went to the sea ray/metric/stills show in the d. met up pre-show w/ grambo at jacoby's for a couple beers. there were alot of teens lined-up early at 6:45pm when i walked by during sound check. at the venue, a few more drafts were consumed quickly, sea ray started their set at ~8pm. for the first of three opening bands, there was surprisingly a pretty large crowd there watching them. we met up w/ nummer/gp jen, & later h-bomb & her sis, & eric. grambo took alot of pics, none of which i have yet to post. they played fan favorites like sister gone, quiver, revelry, & even a new song (that i can't remember the title of--too much booze). they built up some good crowd momentum during their set, but w/ only 30min to work with, the audience is always left wanting more. hopefully their next time around they'll get a longer set.

mmmmBEST!next up was metric. emily haines was best. she was running around on stage, really getting the crowd into it. what a rock star. makes mick jagger look like mick jagg-off when it comes to rockstardom. post show i was able chat w/ her for awhile & even got a pic w/ her (which nummer ruined by jumping in on!), & getting her autograph on a metric poster. she wrote, 'for damore, love & respect-emily haines---xoxo'. she even sharpied a rectangular box around my name for dramatic effect. mmmmBEST!

being my 7th time seeing the stills (3 as an opener, 3 as headliner, 1 at coachella), i spent most of their set talking to sea ray, who were really gracious as always. mental note, next time, eat dinner before going out & drinking alot. stay away from 22's of rolling rock as well!

the good folks in sea ray were nice enough to hook me & dirty mckean up w/ guest list buzz for the friday show in chicago at the metro. after a $30 cab ride, i didn't get to dirty's until 8pm. we quickly had a beer, grabbed a bite to eat plus drinks, cabbed over to the metro w/ little time to spare. i felt bad calling jeff literally 5min before their set, as i didn't see his email from earlier about which guest list i'd be on. security was shutting us out. note to self, check email more often.

navy blue. duhvs!rather than re-hash the same show over, i'll re-cap. sea ray was solid, & they got into town late too. solid crowd there for them again. i heard alot of people saying after sea ray/metric that they were there for the stills, but they ended up liking sea ray/metric more. i split downstairs to buy a sea ray tee half way through the stills set. talked to ann brewster & got backstage to say hey/thanks to the rest of the band. ended up hanging out there & got dirty backstage too. beer was reportedly running low, so dirty stole a red stripe from the stills room. best! it really didn't matter since everyone back there got kicked out to the downstairs club anyway soon thereafter. i talked to emily haines again briefly in the bar. about an hour into being there, dirty got booted out by security. they said 'mckean's gotta go!'. all dirty could do was text grumbo w/ 'dirty is lost--send damore pics from last night's show'. grambo replied w/ 'grumbo is drunk'. i went outside to try & get dirty back in, but security got on the radio then said to me, 'you're okay, but not the guy in the white shirt (dirty)'. no explanation. all we could think of was mistaken identity.

the worst part of the weekend was the lousy weather in chi-town. it was so bad that it rained pretty much the entire time, or was cloudy & cold. didn't leave much to do outside, since i'm not a big fan of 'shopping', other than for music. saturday afternoon was spent taking in a screening of 'mean girls'. if it made me forget for 2 hours that i was hungover, it would be a good movie in my mind. it did that & much more. it was the funniest movie i've seen since dumb & dumber in the movie theater. that says alot since that is pretty much my favorite movie ever. i would go see it again in a heartbeat & it's definitely a instant dvd purchase. duhvs. sunday was even crappier weather.
dirty- 'what do you want to do today?'
damore- 'i don't know, the weather blows'
dirty- 'go get drunk?'
damore- 'no, i've gotten drunk the past 3 nights. maybe see a shitty movie?'
dirty- 'i've already seen everything but the day after tomorrow'
'ok. worst'

so we went anyway, figuring it couldn't possibly be any worse than independence day, & being hungover, the special effects should makeup for the terrible storytelling & plot holes. nothing could've been further from the truth. THIS was the funniest movie i have EVER seen. WORST MOVIE EVER! when i wasn't sleeping (4 times!!), i laughed at every line in the movie, all the dramatic scenes, the laughable scenarios, etc. anyway, it's so terrible i'm going to do a review of it to post the day after yesterday.

chi-town was best despite the weather. cheers to sea ray/metric/dirty for the good times. mmmmBEST!

i'll post some graphics w/ this post later, sorry.
damore's gotta go!

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