Wednesday, June 09, 2004


'rip, i stick it in you, eagle colorado stizz!'when you're wrong, you're wrong. if i were to provide a 1 word review of my morning today, it would be 'crestfallen'. seeing the pistons overcome an 11 point 3rd quarter deficit, up 6 w/ under a minute left in the 4th. only to lose the lead on a shaq (notherapist) 3-point play & an uncontested kobe (therapist) 3-ball w/ 2.1secs left, to send it into OT. worst. the pistons were shell-shocked new order stizz & were dispondant in the ot period. now they have to come back home & re-group. that loss has to sting badly today, & i'm sure the re-eye flight back was pretty quiet.
walton or hans from 'the burbs'?despite the loss, it was great to see gary payton crying on the bench about his lack of pt, & it was WORST to see luke walton having success. I EPHING HATE BILL WALTON & ANYTHING SPAWNED BY HIM!!!!!!!!!

2 things can happen now: a) the pistons use this loss as motivation & rebound back to game 1 defensive form or b) they crumble from a devastating loss & lose in 5. knowing this team (as a fan), my bet is that they win game 3, they split at home & steal game 5 in LA. game 6 is where they win it back at home.

so if you're not keeping track at home, the series stands at pistons-1, rapists-1. all we need is bob seger to perform at every game's half-time show in the d, & we're golden, as in richard golden from D.O.C. eph kid rock, eph aretha franklin & her house of skank. it's all about seger. btw, i love all of you smug LA fucks!

bloggers have been dropping off like flies lately. last week, peabs & glamorama called it quits, this week ultragrrrl did too. i see grambo's keeping tabs of the causalities on whatevs under 'R.I.P.'

pac man fever!this just in...brits love homer simpson. they recently voted his classic catch-phrase 'doh!' #1 on the all-time tv comedy faves list in nuts magazine (crazy brits). #2 was 'don't panic' from some show i've never heard of. doh is now even in the oxford english dictionary:
'expressing frustration at the realization that things have turned out badly or not as planned or that one has just said or done something foolish. also implying that another person has said or done something foolish.' best.
remember when magic said, 'i just pulled a homer'? that should be in there too.

a bad sign for joey? seems that his neighbor's character is getting re-casted. 1st chink in the armor of nbc's thursday night behemoth? yes. this show is going to bomb. i expect it will get joey butafuco'ed mid-season.

contraband--the new velvet revolver album is best. rock & roll--plain & simple. if you don't like stp, you won't like it. if you don't like heavy guitar riffs, you won't like it. if you suck, you won't like it. for the record, i bought the black album cover disc.

everyones' favorite libertines stalkers report that pete doherty is going to 'rehab' in thailand. yeah, that makes sense! he'll be dead by monday. coincidentally they just happen have some of the best & most easily accessible drugs there. enjoy that last hit of smack, douchebaggio. can't wait for the memorial concert & the dvd's to be released on amazon.db.

damn. i sure am sad that loretta lynn has had to postpone summer tour dates due to her bad back. no jack white durstness to be revealed in concert this summer in the d? best. i saw that blogger is now issuing a promo-douche-pack to every new blogger member. included are copies of van lear rose, franz ferdinand, & modest mouse. worst.

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