Friday, June 11, 2004

needs more drums lars! 

it's been awhile since blogging about other bloggers, so this is where i start giving head to other bloggers' stuff (that frankly i find less witty than most of my own stuff, but still good none-the-less). some stuff i found amusing or worthwhile:

check-out megan's post on employee comedy...it's a qwiki but a goody. since 'those'. best.

mo over at shebmo has a great write-up on the velvet revolver show titled bulletproof. the wild, shirtless lyrics of mark farner, the bong rattling bass of mel schacher, the competent drum work of don brewer...you know, grand funk...er velvet revolver.

'hot gin anyone?'god bless karen+1. her post today of the olsen twins senior pictures is priceless. love the druggie themed names. mary-cokate & hashley. mmmmBEST!

there's also a great line from her earlier post today re: lars,
'apparently being old gives you an excuse to be both a pussy and a dick.'

'editor's' note: i've met lars a few times, & he is a fucking prick.

the gorilla is covering editor duties on whatevs while grambo is in vegas paying tiger paw homage at the sigfreid & roy memorial. actually he'll probably just be getting drunk all weekend w/ so says i & the blueprint, blowing his life savings on betting how quickly chris cheliblos will spotted on tv next to his village people posse at the pistons/lakers game 4 in the d. anyway, the gorilla's 1st post is political think piece. by political i mean it's funny.

information leafblower reveals that grant hill might be getting traded somehow again. danny ainge...is there a worse gm in basketball? the #1 pick doesn't mean anything this year. okafor is a shorter clone of dikembe mutombo. dwight howard won't be a star for 7 years, until he's 25 & playing somewhere else (a la jermaine o'neal). i was so happy when the stones traded hill. i was even happier afterward when we found out ben wallace & chucky atkins could play.

almost as worse as solo scott stapp material, gavin rossdale is recording a solo album now. be happy you're married to gwen & spare the world from bleeding eardrum syndrome, & SIDS. no buzz.

durst!speaking of wurst, & i know i joked about this last week when creed announced their greatest hits album...fred durst & co reveal that they are going to release a greatest hits limp bizkit album late this year. it will feature 3 NEW unlistenable tracks. the titles say it all...'why?', 'relentless', & 'masturbation'. durst reveals that all 3 were inspired by the stages he went through when he got shot down by avril lavigne at the metallica tribute show. durst.

enough of that. tonight's game should be best. a crowd of psuedo-celeb douchebags in detroit should be funny. if i had to predict an outcome, i would have to say pistons-9 lakers-7 in triple ot. time to drink. bye.

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