Thursday, June 24, 2004

no buzz list 6/25/04 

i know it's been almost 2 weeks, but you can all just SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!

5) all the blogger fucks who think their 'witty writing' is funny. i stopped reading blogs weeks ago, as reading my own words is the only thing worth a good laugh these days in pro-choice villa. try some originality for a change. linking to the same shitty ramblings on some 'superstar blogger's' site, less buzz than the new libertines album+franzia ferdinand+retrobuzz. here's a free lesson, put that stupid shit only you care about in your private hello kitty diary.

4) stores that overcharge you for their goods--& when you catch them ripping you off, THEY make YOU feel like the a-hole for asking for the difference. thanks douchebags. i waited 10min for some stock-boy clerk to check the price on some popsicles that they overcharged me $2 for. he came back saying, 'sorry, you're wrong'. i was like 'fuck you, no i'm not'. then i spent 10min showing the moron that HE was wrong. he said ok, go to 'customer service' & the manager will refund you. tasha wouldn't take her employee's word or mine, & felt she had to verify the discrepancy herself. when i asked puzzlingly where she was going, she said, 'TO DO MY JOB!'. after 20min of kicking herself cos i was right, i demanded an apology from her for wasting 30min of my time for their screw-up. she got so pissed she refused to complete my refund & had a co-worker do it. what a c-rag. at least i made $5 profit.

3) michigan's 75cent tax hike on cigarettes (due 7/01/04). i remember 11 years ago paying $1.65 per pack, & $15 per carton. yet another hike that will push the price per pack to over $5. at a pack a day, i'd be spending $35/week (~$140/month) just to smoke? eph you lawmakers & gov't. i know you hate smokers & all, but why should smokers have to bear the burdon of your mis-management of tax dollars every time you blow the budget on your expensive madison ave fat-cat trampy whores? don't say the high health care costs either, cos i know obesity health care costs are now much higher than smoking related costs. it's easier, that's why. everyone hates smokers. you should be taxing the shit out of all that fastfood garbage that americans scarf down everyday. oh well, i'm quiting on 7/11, so i guess i can buy 1 carton before it kicks in, but fuck you anyway.

2) coke C2- eph coke & their endless string of durst evs npi's. vanilla coke: worst. diet vanilla coke: worst. diet coke w/ lime: worst. diet coke w/ lemon: worst. c2: blow me. let me get this straight...it's 1/2 the carbs & 1/2 the cals of reg coke, yet it's called c2? shouldn't it be c1/2? i think c2 is just half coke, half diet coke--how can i prove it? damn, i can't! diet coke tastes nothing like coke, why can't they make an ephing diet cola that tastes like coke? cos they ephing SUCK IT! no buzz. eph pepsi edge while i'm at it. pepsi blows, other than the dew.

1) ALL OF YOU & your bombay attitudes. i hate you all. SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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