Wednesday, June 23, 2004

pants on fire 

fight club...the musical! talk about taking a great movie & ruining it as a musical. marla singer...the big tourist. i need this!
(link via the grizz)

i knew the north shore on fox was going to have absopurely ZERO buzz way before it debuted. watching promos told me everything i needed to know. no interesting characters, subpar/tired plots, a diluted wannabe oc show. no sirit looks like that short-lived awful show 'malibu' from the 90's. i didn't see the premiere, & didn't watch this past monday (as i intended to) cos i've heard nothing but bad things from my trusted oc friends. it's getting torched by the ultra pro-choice shows on nbc & cbs. who knew charlie sheen has a hit tv show? that guy used to have his personal asst's break up w/ gf's for him, bag up the belongings of 1-night stands left behind at his place, & take it out to the curb. best recorded phone convos ever.

last night's season premiere of nip/tuck was pretty good. i raved about n/t most of last season, but kind of soured on it towards the end of last season. i loved the commercial free-ness of the premiere, & the music used. rufus wainwright's 'vibrate' was featured, along w/ billy idol's 'eyes w/out a face'. best. 'vibrate' was definitely a highlight from rufus' accoustic set on sunday night.

rated-R...wtf?can't wait to see fahrenheit 9/11 this weekend, & spiderman next week. is there anything WORSE than the bush administration these days? eph all the cock-blocking that the admin is pulling behind-the-scenes to get this movie a limited release. i see i has been given the r-rating. what a joke. i hate cheney, i hate rumsfeld, i hate bush. i think powell was okay, but he's gone along w/ these idiots on everything. rice is a very smart woman w/ absopurely no experience w/ national security--making her a moron. i'm not overly high on kerry, but i'm definitely voting for him. i'm sick of all the bold-faced lies this admin is spewing, even when video footage or sworn testimony directly contradicts their statements. that's why they will lose the election. no one wants a gov't so arrogant that it cannot admit mistakes & claims to have all the answers. bush forgets the one thing that helped him win in '00--he didn't have all the answers, people felt gore 'thought' he had all the right answers, & were turned-off. john kerry has so much buzz now, his fundraiser in LA on july 6th now includes dave grohl, liz phair, & tenacious d. mmmmBEST!

beastie boys takeover the #1 album slot. to the 5 boroughs 360k units moved, not too shabby. can't remember the last time i bought two consecutive #1 albums. it's not as good as ill communication, but better than hello nasty. don't know why it took 2 years to make & 6 years to come out w/ a new album.

sh sh shakingspeaking of rooney, i'm looking forward to next week's tastefest where rooney will be playing. not because i like rooney, i don't, but because it will be fun to go & heckle them in the audience, oc stizz. plus, it's always fun at the tastefest. the grizz just revealed that they will also be doing an in-store at besties in madison heights on fri 7/2 1:30-3:30. btw, i won't be at besties, but i've ended my 6 month boycot of them. now it's on to kroger on harper/8mile.

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