Friday, June 11, 2004

pistons choke LA w/ their glorious D 

get outta me!
so much uzz it's sick. pistons were judge judy , jury, & executioner last night & sentenced kobay to 3 nights of painful back-alley intrusions. kobe was limited to 1 field goal in the 1st half & 11 points total in the game. i was way off on the score (my prediction was d-town 9, rapers-7 in triple ot), but i got the outcome right. stones crush the lakers 88-68. ouch! games 4 & 5 will be pistons blow-outs as well, momentum is all detroit aces full. i expect the next 2 games to be auburn hills abortion clinics. once the lakers lose the series, LA has no more use for kobe. he didn't win a title for you this year & he's gonna leave la via free agency this summer (or jail time next year). you might as well stab him in the back OJ stizz before he tells YOUR city to bend over.

i watched the game at o'flats w/ many from the fow nation--i was pretty drunk, & got some chants going in the bar everytime kobe got the ball. i'm talking 'no means no!' & '1st OJ, now KoBay...stay away from the white girls' (kited from megan at employee comedy). no one joined in, but i found it amusing. i also enjoyed making fun of gary 'pampers' payton & luke 'i'm your father' walmarts. when it's bad, it's bad---the kobe defense team also suffered a big blow when the judge upheld the colorado rape shield law.

speaking of best, i got the new badly drawn boy, & it's so ephing good. i would go as far to say that it's a top 5 album of the year. it's definitely better than have you fed the fish?, & right up there w/ bewilderbeast & about a boy. there's over-the-top orchestrations, & jethro tull-esque flute added. heavy metal album of the year? maybe. big props to beej for burning that for me & big congrats to him & his wife, rachel, who are now expecting. cheers! you two are so grown up. makes me wish i did something w/ my life...eh, whatya gonna do.

lame. why is everyone in the d so ephing uptight? have a drink, relax. abc affiliate pulls the jimmy kimmel show last night over his joke about pistons fans torching the city when they win the series. kimmel said, 'what i said about pistons fans during halftime last night was a joke, nothing more. if i offended anyone i am sorry. clearly over the past 10 years, we in L.A. have taken a commanding lead in post-game riots. if the lakers win, i hope to overturn my own car'. i don't know if i'm more embarrassed by all of these pussies in the d whining about kimmel's joke, or kid rock & eminem at the game. this whole thing stinks of a poorly veiled attempt to oust kimmel due to poor ratings, & this is just a bs excuse.

jack white claims he's had the best year ever. maybe. he's got tons of fans, money, etc. i would say not really. playing on the same stage w/ beck would be enough for me to go on a 6 month bender in nyc, tim wheeler stizz, re-examine my life, & abuse prozac & whatever it is that courtney love is on.

get outta me!poor mini-me. a gold-digging wannabe playmate, genevieve gowman, is seeking financial spousal support from actor verne troyer. she produced documents she claims proves they were legally wed back in january. verne you got to be careful & plan ahead...pre-nups.

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