Tuesday, June 22, 2004

quick stop 

every blog already covered the lollapalooza tour cancelation early this morning, but what's another poor write-up to add. my take was, oh well, at least i don't have to burn a vacation day anymore. after last year's debacle, & now this, the palooza brand is sunk forever. maybe they spent too much time announcing bands & not enough time actually analyzing whether 2 day's of mediocre bands would actually sell. should have consolidated the talent (moz/wilco/walkmen/lips/etc) & stuck to the 1-day format that actually worked in the early/mid-90's. farrell's vision of palooza going to euroland is absurd. farrell & geiger should lay off the blow when thinking of a good idea but quickly eph it up by durst execution. bunch of amateurs.

no no no. no new crap, play taking care of business now...get to the working overtime part...play ain't seen nothing yet! tcb by bto...so best!

for more information on the subject, check the leafblower or whatevs, or any of the thousands of pubs covering the topic today.

ah, mr. sparkle. your dishes very lucky.random simpsons quote of the day:
qwiki mart CEO: i grant you 3 questions.
homer: are you really the head of the qwiki mart?
qwiki mart CEO: yes.
homer: really?
qwiki mart CEO: yes.
homer: you?
qwiki mart CEO: yes.
qwiki mart CEO: thank you, come again.
qwiki mart CEO: thank you, come again.

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