Thursday, June 03, 2004

rockin' the hills? 

borrrrring...special guests on the new thrills album. wow, that's great, but it still gonna suck major ass.

i got a scorching bad case of LIBS simplex II. the libertines do a 180, end up supporting fascism/racism by dropping of the 'love music hate racism' festival this weekend in the uk. harry potter likes em. who cares what celebs like them, they blow. bunch of ephing...drop-outs.

great, bono drags chris martin into his african aid cause (not bt to be confused w/ the african aids cause), along w/ other b-listers such as jude law, helen mirren, colin firth, joseph fiennes & minnie driver. they signed an open letter to tony blair urging more economical support of africa/other 3rd world nations. i'm not making fun, i think it's great. it's good to see that martin has temporarily gone away from his lame & obscure 'maketradefairforpotatofarmers.com'campaign to something a little more major league.

voted the band most likely to have an stdwhile on billboard, i saw this article. i thought this would be a more fitting title: new crappy bands play the hills w/ old washed-up crappy bands. nickelback, 3 doors down, puddle of mudd, plus warrant, great white, tesla, styx, dokken, jackyl (i love songs featuring chainsaws!) & live (wtf?!) will all (plus others!) play the event. i don't condone terroism, glorification of the unnatural loss of human life, etc, but IFFFF a large public event was ever the target of such attacks, this would be my pick. like if it was one of those situations where you had to pick one of two events that had to get bombed, or both events would get bombed if you didn't chose one. like if someone asked 'the staples center for a lakers game or the 'rockin' the hills' concert?'. no brainer, this concert every time. okay then...

sum41...worst. now a choice between a sum41 show & a 'rocking the hills' concert? flip a coin.

i'd throw some blog linkage buzz here but i haven't really read much today.

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