Sunday, June 06, 2004

without warning 

gimme that coke!remember that terrible joke from like '88--what do bob probert & william 'the fridge' perry have in common? they're both full of coke. well flash forward 16 years & the fridge is full of 8 deep dish digornos & probert is still fully stocked w/ 8-balls. probey was arrested friday morning in delray beach, & things got so bad that police even had to taser him several times. probert parked his car in the wrong direction, started yelling several men on the street for gay tricks, & got out of his car & tried starting a fight. he then tried fighting the police. they shockey'ed him 5-10 times w/ the tasers.

upon getting to the west palm county, probert listed his name as the alias 'the bad one'. this is the former hockey player best known for 6 dui's, & trying to smuggle coke from canada to detroit in his boxer shorts--there was a liter of jack daniels sitting on the dash, & he was wasted. real smart, you douchebag.
(link via bigmatt)

why was there no warning given by the grizz? i went out friday night to seantizz & jenbo's abode in royal oak & bbq'd w/ peabs, grambo, jpmckrengels, the grizz & mandypants*. i stayed pretty much sober, & left at 12:30am to meet up at the bar down the street from my house. i had 5 drinks in ~1 hour, got pretty buzzed, & went home. watching the tv box, i decided to check out who was guesting on last call w/ carson d-bag, & was floored. they were showing a re-run from last june featuring miss tru davies, & the late fred berry (re-run from what's happening). mmmmmBEST! i caught her entire interview, which was pure hottness. i think she reads whatevs & retrobuzz cos she said the following (twice!), 'kills your buzz', a reference to taxi cab confessions (avaleesh!), & again used the term 'buzz'. best! she was wearing black leather pants w/ the sides cut-out (btvs faith stizz) & a black tank-top sporting 'diablo'. lucky for the grizz, i stumbled upon it, & was able to tape it. here are the screencaps...

speaking of carson douchesdaly, wtf was the outfit he wore at the horse track saturday at the belmont? worst.

dirty mckean sighted jeff tweedy walking through wicker park last night in czechago. tweedy was sporting trucker hat. must have been in disguise. i doubt there will be many better albums released this year than wilco's 'a ghost is born'. it's been stuck on repeat on my ipod (in my mind).

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