Thursday, July 01, 2004

bad news bears part II 

2nd consecutive day where i receive a call from one of the graham brothers informing me of franzia ferdinand doings-a-transpiring. the grizz on tuesday re: dunst on TRL, uncle grambo yesterday. UG's v-mail went like this (no bs, not like my other fabricated emails, etc):

6/30/04 9:04pm 'Damore, what's going on dude, it's Grambo. i got bad news...Franz f*cking Ferdinand is on DRQ, which does not bode well. This song's got staying power...we're in trouble. Uhhhhh, yeah that's it, I'll talk to you later'.

'take me out' on DRQ? wwwwwWORST. franzia has gone totally mainstream. move over john mayer, they are officially the new dave matthews band. all you hipsters, the joke is actually on you. you like top 40 music now! add that franzia disc to your matchbox20 & goo goo dolls albums. what's that, you don't own those bands' albums? sure. don't believe me? remember how much buzz & street cred coldplay lost last year when all their stuff (in my place, clocks, god put a smile...,the scientist) was all over every US radio station & mtv? and that's coldplay, an extremely talented band, w/ mucho staying power. much more so than franzia. my guess is that in 3 months (october'ish), after overplay & fan burnout, their supposed 'hardcore' fans will get bored of them after their next 'can't miss' dance-fest abortion tour, & jump on the bandwagon of some other young underground band. maybe i'm wrong...maybe harry potter also likes them. which is the tru benchmark any great new band.

summation: franzia is for young 20-somethings who don't know any better (kinda like the white stripes in 2001-present) & people who think they know what good music is, but can't remember the talking heads & blondie. it's for little girls & house-wives.

seacrest in? reuters is reporting that 'on-air w/ ryan douchecrest' will be renewed for a 2nd season .

seacrest out!

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